Sunday, May 22, 2011

From Krista in Connecticut

My name is Krista and I live in Meriden, CT.

My mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease a year and a half ago at the age of 61. It all began when a co-worker called my sister and told her something wasn't right with my mom. Needless to say she was correct and we are very thankful she was so caring and thoughtful to call us. My mom was unable to complete simple tasks at work. Since my maternal grandmother had Alzheimer's Disease in her early 50's we were immediately concerned that this what was wrong with my mom. It took a year and 4 different physicians to finally diagnose my her. She was given a PET Scan which was instrumental in diagnosing her problem as Alzheimer's Disease.

I know how devastating the disease can be after witnessing the decline of my grandmother and I understand my family has a long road ahead of us. My sisters and I are all fearful that this may be our fate as well someday. My mother is taking medications (Aricept and Namenda) which promise to slow down the progression of her cognitive decline. These medications were not available when my grandmother was suffering from the disease. We are pleased with the results so far, she has had minimal decline and even a recent increase in her most recent cognitive exam. Our hope as a family is that people like you continue to make a difference. I am confident that someday there will be a vaccine or cure. Hopefully sooner than later.

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